Group Classes

Our group fitness classes are a friendly, fun way to improve your fitness and get active with our experienced coaches

Single Class

£7 per class

No commitment

Pay as you go

4 Classes
per month

£20 per month

£5 per class

Saves £8

8 Classes
per month

£35 per month

£4.38 per class

Saves £21

12 Classes
per month

£50 per month

£4.17 per class

Saves £34

Brand New Venue

We’ve moved our classes to a brand new location, with modern facilities and lots of outside space to extend classes (when the weather’s nice!)

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness might sound intimidating, but it’s really an all-round workout that anyone can do, with a little instruction and supervision.

Functional fitness combines strength, gymnastics, flexibility and cardio, to deliver balanced results. While most workouts aim to deliver one of these goals, functional fitness classes will make you fitter and stronger all-round. They’re also really exciting, and will get you trying things you wouldn’t normally take on!

What will we be doing?

At the core of functional fitness is the idea of resistance. Whether this is picking up weights or swinging kettlebells, or even just working against your own bodyweight, every movement is a purposeful and targeted process to improve strength and stamina in ways that are beneficial to everyday life.

To do this, we’ll teach you to safely use some equipment you might not be familiar with, including olympic barbells and kettlebells. Combined with group work and bursts of cardio, and of course some short rest times, you’ll feel better than ever before.

What are the benefits?

Through these exercises, you’ll find improvements in your everyday life. Going from sitting to standing is basically a squat. Picking up something heavy from the ground (like a toddler!) is very similar to a deadlift. Functional fitness is exactly that: functional.

Functional fitness classes will improve your strength, mobility, and overall fitness. Working out isn’t just about losing weight or looking good, though; getting fit with Fortitude Personal Training and our functional fitness classes will improve your strength, health, and wellbeing. You’ll have fun doing it, too! 

Class Timetable

Monday – 6.30-7.30 pm

Wednesday – 6.30-7.30 pm

Friday – 6.00-6.45 pm

Saturday – 8.30-9.30 am

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